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Special Offer for a Design Patent by Registered Patent Attorneys

Price inclusive of up to seven figures

USPTO fees not included

$600 Design Patent - USPTO fees not included

Current USTPO fee by entity status:

Micro entity - $240

Small entity - $480

Large entity (undiscounted) - $960

- $600 price includes seven drawings of differing views

- Additional embodiments and drawings cost $350

Design Patent Preparation and Prosecution Costs available

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

$150 good faith down payment due to begin work

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100% money back guarantee

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Design Patent

  • Protects ornamentality of product/device (can include mechanical devices and GUI (graphical user interface) elements

  • Functionality not protected by design patent

  • Issued design patents last 15 years pursuant to The Hague Convention

  • Allowed by the USPTO at higher and more expeditious rate relative to utility patent applications (i.e., rejections are less likely)

  • Like utility patents, can mark products and advertise "patent pending" and, when issued, with issued patent number

Utility Patent

  • Protects functionality of a device (e.g., how the invention operates)

  • Rejections (i.e., in an Office Action) by the USPTO are more common relative to design patent applications

  • Cost more money to obtain relative to design patent applications, but also, typically, provides greater protection over the invention

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Getting Started

  • E-mail or fill in the form below to set up a free consultation or ask us a question

  • To get started immediately, e-mail us CAD (computer aided design) drawings of your product or sufficient views to enable us to obtain formal USPTO-compliant drawings for your design patent application

  • Initial down payment (fully refundable) of $150 required to begin work. Final payment due after submission to patent office

  • NDA (non-disclosure agreement) available upon request

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